Ani Lou

‘Bosvaow’ (meaning existence, in Cornish) equates to a case study/ autobiographical reflection on humanity’s longing for spiritual connection, solidarity, and acceptance. Existing in the space of dichotomy between the real and the illusory and filling it with one's passions and desires, the project remains deliberately ambiguous, surreal, and abstract, to allow poetic insight into Ani’s perceived reality.  

The work is influenced by her immediate surroundings and the people that inhabit it: Capturing the life of the youth on the Cornish coastline in an emotive and nostalgic way, capturing her interpretation of a Cornish utopia. 

Born from the ideologies of a generation misunderstood in the hopes that they will be heard, themes of gender fluidity, soft kink, symbolism, and acceptance are present as they continue along their quest for being.  

Ani has also created a three-part trilogy of photobooks under the umbrella of ‘Bosvaow,’ each illustrating the development of the project, adhering to audience types, and offering specialized insights into the themes and ideologies addressed in the final project. Showcasing Ani’s progression as an artist and comparable to a self-portrait of who she really is. An artistic performance, in which the artist becomes an author, subject, and spectator. 

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